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Last updated March 14, 2014
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List of Local Practices for Rapier, Rattan, Archery, and Thrown Weapons
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AEthelmearc Earl Marshal Policies 2009 Marshal Forms
Heavy Weapons
    Combat Archery
    Minors Fighting As Adults Policy
Youth Heavy Combat
    Youth Rapier Combat
Rapier Combat
    Cut & Thrust
Thrown Weapons
Target Archery
Equestrians (Active)
Online Request To Become A New Marshal or Download PDF Form(May-2008)
MIT Process
Marshal Renewal Form
Update Contact Information
Society Rules Reports
Society Marshal's Handbook(Nov-2008)
Society Siege Engine Handbook(Aug-2006)
Society Siege Engine Handbook Update(Jan-2008)
Society Rapier Combat Handbook Appendix 1-4(July-2006)
Society Rapier Approved Blades Appendix 5(Aug-2009)
Society Target Archery Handbook(Oct-2003)
Society Thrown Weapons Handbook(Sep-2003)
Society Equestrians' Handbook(Dec-2007)
Online Injury Report , Download PDF Form (2013) or Download Doc Form(2013)
*Serious injuries to be reported within 24hrs*
Online Incident Report , Download PDF Form or Download Doc Form
*Incidents reported with 48hrs*
Event Report Form, Download PDF Form (2013) or Download Doc Form(2013)
Online Quarterly Report or Download PDF Form
    Knight Marshal
    Group At Large Marshals
Yearly Report Forms
Helpful Information Waviers

*In Progress & Suggestions Are Welcomed*
Inspection Procedure
    Inspection Checklist
Authorization Process
    Authorization Checklist
MIT Checklist
Marshal Reponsibilites
How To Articles(Armor & Etc.)
     How To Make A Kingdom Tabard
     Escarbuncle Pattern
     How To Cover A Shield
     How To Make A Half Gauntlet
     How To Make Coverings For Modern Shoes

These activities no longer require a waiver:
                          1. Target Archery            2. Thrown Weapons
These activities require a waiver:
             1. Rattan fighting            
             2. Youth fighting            
             3. Rapier fighting
             4. Combat Archery
             5. Siege
             6. Minors as Adults (requires a special waiver before they can do ANY fighting)
             7. Equestrian (they have their own waivers)

If an adult has a signed blue card, with them, then they don't need to sign a waiver (except for EQ).  If they don't have a signed membership card, then:

1. At events, waivers are collected at troll.  If it's not then the marshal needs to get a waiver signed.
2. At Fighter Practices the MIC of the activity is responsible for getting the waiver signed. 
3. Roster waivers are fine, except for minor as adult and EQ activities. 
Waiver Roster
Adult Paticipant's Wavier
Minor Wavier & Informed Consent To Participate
Minor's Medical Authorization
Adult & Youth Equestrain Participant's Waiver
Authorization Forms
Adult Combat Authorization Form For Age 18+(2011)
Adult Combat Authorization Form For Under 18
Youth Combat Authorization Form
Adult Equestrian Authorization Form
Youth Equestrian Authorization Form

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Cut & Thrust





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